2nd CSA Harvest

This is a photo of our harvest trailer July 2, 2013. Janek and I got wet, yep. Where’s Waldo’s rain suit is draped over the trailer if you look close.

july 2nd 2013 harvest from field


in your crate

garlic scapes





bunched kale


head lettuce



2nd Recipe – tatsoi


(I pulled this from our recipe page – check it out, you can search it too)

Tatsoi is most often eaten raw, either alone or mixed with other fresh garden greens. This week, mix it with some slivered radish (wow are the radishes spicy!), onion, a little green pepper, some ruby streaks, arugula, and baby kale. Kate will trim and shred the swiss chard, add it in. Mix, match, jumbo mumbo. Put your favorite dressing over top and enjoy some great garden taste! This is a uniquely local, seasonal, personal salad!

I’ve stuck to pretty straight-forward “ideas on how to eat this particular food”. I did web search tatsoi today. I found many that looked and sounded great. The top recipe, with tofu, seemed best to me. If you try them, tell me. If you bring samples, I will bring you more tatsoi – how ’bout that?

Tatsoi is often found ready-mixed in with salad mix. We like it that way and we like it straight too.

Gingery Sauteed Tat-Soi with Tofu Steaks


leafy no-lettuce salad

I’ve had limited time on the computer – the weather outdoors has been too nice to not work (or play!). I’ve been waiting for a nasty rain day to vegetate on the computer – no such luck recently. Today, Wednesday, we trellised high tunnel tomatoes all through and during the many passages of rains falling and falling again.

When I have more than one minute for the screen, I will give you a more newsy update on things. I’m always more than happy to talk on the curbside, face-to-face. You might just have to grab me to talk to me though.

happy eats!


chris swier



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