5th CSA Harvest: July 22nd & 24th

in your crate

chinese cabbage

basil (use this quick! does not store well!)

large white/green kossak kohlrabi (see below)

broccoli (think blanch & freeze)

cukes (fridge cukes, see 4th CSA recipe)

zukes (grate & freeze: see 4th CSA website post)

red russian kale, bagged (can blanch & freeze: see recipe page on website)

banded, bunched winterbor kale

full shares only: turnips, green storage cabbage

community crate/grab crate: 25 extra pounds of broccoli, cauliflower, chinese cabbage


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our camera is on vacation, so I nabbed a photo of the kossak kohlrabi from Johnny’s Seeds, pretty pic!

Kossak (F1)

Giant kohlrabi for storage.

Kossak will reach a diameter of up to 8″, and the interior will still be sweet, delicious, and tender. Peel the woody “skin” prior to cooking. For best quality and storage, harvest when round and about 8″ diameter, before it begins to elongate. Kossak will keep in cold storage for up to 4 months. Choose organic or nonorganic seeds. Avg. 90,000 seeds/lb. Packet: 100 seeds.

to eat: Peel the woody “skin” prior to cooking.

Roasted: Kate has roasted them in the oven with potatoes, carrots, beets, zucchini, turnips,  scapes – anything you’d like! Very tastey.

Boiled: About two parts kohlrabi to one part potato. Boil them separately until soft enough. Mash together! Really good and tastey.

Turnip or Rutabaga: I’ve been told by a reliable source that you can use them as you would a turnip or rutabaga.

if too much kale!


kale, kale, & more kale recipes!

(that is a hyperlink, click on it!)


Here’s where we get into one of the boom and bust cycles I described before this CSA season.

Q: What grows so abundantly in mid-Michigan, from day one until day 155 of the CSA harvest season?

A: Kale!

I know, I know…. a lot of kale thus far. Everybody that has tried kale chips   has been pleasantly surprised how such a BIG bag of kale seems to diasappear quickly into Dad’s and Kids’ bellies.


kale chips – Click on that kale chip link for recipe. We’ve been totally enjoying the (over?) abundance of small, young, tender, loose kale.  But What to do with it all? You’ve either figured this out, or you’ve tossed a lot out!?



Sooooo, to make your dollars spent worthwhile, plus to stretch your locally spent dollar on your locally grown, organic foods look below:


Freezing Greens (kale, collard, chard, spinach)

Wash your greens thoroughly and cut out thick stems.  Cut the greens into large pieces.  Boil a large pot (2 gallons) of water and blanch the greens for 2 minutes, you can use a wire basket, mesh bag or metal strainer and I have also just dunked and used a large slotted spoon to scoop them out.  Put batches in that are small enough to avoid matting the leaves.  Start the timer as soon as you put the greens in the water and stir them or cover them for the 2 minutes.  Prolonged blanching causes loss of all those good vitamins and minerals and under blanching will stimulate the activity of enzymes that ruin flavor for longer term freezer storage.  Once the two minutes is up put them in a bath of water ice water to stop the cooking process.  The greens should be stirred several times while cooling and about 2 minutes of cooling time is enough.  Once the greens are cooled, drain them and pack into freezer jars leaving 1/4 inch head space or in freezer bags.  The greens are great for adding into any recipe you would add frozen spinach.



hope you’re enjoying!

send recipes!



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