Garlic Harvest Party Tomorrow! Don’t Forget, Remember!

garlic harvest 2012 003

friendly reminders:

Garlic Harvest Party This Saturday!

You’re invited to our Party!

for details click here

The potluck for the Garlic Party is around 1pm. We’ve often had three or more “shifts” come and go througout the Garlic Harvest day. If you’d like to come for awhile, I definitely recommend you orient your “shift” around the potluck! The food’s fantastic, the people too! (I’m hearing about (our pastured pork) sausage quiche, zucchini cake, a mixed kale ceasar salad, dilly beans, and more). The third shift, late in the day (sometimes into the night!) are essential pick-us-up’s, adding a burst of necessary new energy and enthusiasm to power through and keep getting ‘er done. If you’ve got an hour, three or more, come on out! Everybody’s welcome!


"tanked" food - cooling and rinsing - late June 2012

I Need Volunteer Farm Help

You can do this!

anytime, the first two weeks of August

for details click here

Yesterday I harvested, processed, packaged and delivered alone. This was approximately 250 pounds of produce and sunflowers gathered from the near and far corners of our many gardens. This is the 4th time I’ve worked solo on a harvest day… I think I learned my lesson yesterday: I’m needing some help!

Our hired hand, Janek, is on vacation. Our back-up has gone now for the birth of a second daughter, and a band camp. I’ve tried to find a back-up for my back-up. Please help me to reach out and put the word out. Or, also and in addition:

you can do this!

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