Thank You For Pitching In!

Though I’ve not yet heard from our hired help Janek, (Janek where are you?), he’s scheduled to be back next week. Many of you have pitched in and helped us make it through these last number of weeks without Janek. We want to extend a very heartfelt Thank You to K’ana and Jim, who volunteered and help get the important work done. (thank you, too, to Chris L., and Terry, Kate, and Ila S. for stepping up and spending many extra hours).

Picture 011 thank you! thank you!


if you’d like to pitch-in

We’d be glad to work together almost anytime you can. We have plenty of garlic to get sorted and cleaned. This is a time and labor intensive activity. It can be done seated, and can be very social too. You simply strip the soiled layers of the garlic off. Presto. Often we just sit in a circle, work along and talk. The time just passes.

Also, I’m finding that any extra hands on harvest days are greatly welcomed. These are Tuesdays and Thursdays. The afternoons, after 11:30am, or so,  are devoted to sorting, packing, and distributing produce into CSA crates. It’s a work on your feet, under a roof (out of sun and rain). This can also be a social time, as we’re all working away to get it done together, in time for the afternoon delivery (usually I leave and we’re done at 4pm).

just get ahold of us

Again, thank you!

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