Honey & Honey Bees







pure, simple honey for sale

1 quart pure honey, $9.00, sept 2013

1 pint : $9.00


1 quart: $14.00


1/2 gallon: $26.00

honey ready for sale, sept 2013

very limited supplies


first come, first serve


the honeybees in their two hives on our farm

June, the two hives

entering and exiting, busy as bees

two bee hives

the bees on their frames, which would be inside the hive

sept 12 2012 023

the bees living and working, on the frames

bee frames 2013

Our honey has not been heated for the purpose of filtration. The natural pollens and all benefits of honey are therefore maintained. Our honey is not tainted with miticides, antibiotics, or para-dichlorobenzene.  Our honey is raw, purely and simply.



2 thoughts on “Honey & Honey Bees

  1. Hi Chris, Tolga will be picking up our share tomorrow, do you have a pint of honey for us to purchase tomorrow please? Lmk thanks much!

    Best, Carolyn


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