CSA Harvest #17: October 15 & 17

1 quart pure honey, $9.00, sept 2013

chris, beaming, with shiitake log, blooming

buttercup & acorn winter squash

sweet dumpling winter squash - single serving- Oct 2012

cured garlic - ready for you!

farmphotos0810 045


friendly reminders

  • if you’d like to purchase honey
  • if you’d like to purchase additional garlic
  • if you’d like to purchase our pastured pork products
  • if you’d like to purchase mushrooms: $8.00 for 3/4 pounds
  • if you’d like to purchase additional winter squash
  • Final CSA harvests and deliveries are the final week of October

We are selling as many additional farm products as we can now, before I stop seeing you each and every week. Your purchases now help us greatly.

thank you!

in your crate






hot peppers

green/red sweet peppers

tatsoi (full shares only)

salad mix


winter squash


beets and beets and more good beets

How to Roast Beets

Roasting beets intensifies their flavor, brings out their earthy sweetness, and makes their peels as easy to peel off as an oversized sweater. Roasted beets are particularly delicious in beet salads (try one of these Easy Beet Salads if you’re looking for ideas).

Start with beets that are firm and feel heavy for their size. If the beets came with their greens still attached, cut off the greens, wash them, and reserve them for another use (such as one of these delicious Local Foods Greens Recipes).

Rinse any dirt or debris from the beets—some beets may need to be scrubbed clean. Put beets on a large piece of aluminum foil and preheat the oven to 375°F (note: beets are fairly flexible veggies, if you have something else in the oven at anywhere between 325° and 425°, beets will happily roast up at that temperature alongside what you’re already cooking, it just will take a bit longer at lower temperatures).

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