CSA Harvest #18: October 22nd & 24th


full share crate this week

sample photo: full share crate, October 24th 2013


keeping your crates safe,

while in our posession

keeping your crates safe


quality control, perpetual supervision

quality control, supervision



friendly reminders

  • next week is our final CSA Harvest/Delivery: the 29th + 31st of October
  • to see some new, October farm photos
  • please do complete your CSA Veggie Survey & Evaluation
  • sorry, honey is SOLD OUT already!
    • if you’d like to purchase additional garlic
    • if you’d like to purchase our pastured pork products
    • if you’d like to purchase mushrooms: $8.00 for 3/4 pounds
    • if you’d like to purchase additional winter squash

We are selling as many additional farm products as we can now, before I stop seeing you each and every week. Your purchases now help us greatly.

thank you!


in your crate




green/red sweet peppers

salad mix


winter squash




arugula (full shares only)

kohlrabi (Cook this. Yes, meant to be the size of a small melon)

storage cabbage (make kimchi)


recipe 18: making Kimchi

We: Chris, Kate, Karen B, Jennifer F, Pam G: we’ve all made this kimchi, and are loving this kimchi. Try it. Enjoy it.

I am not figuring out how to so-sleekly and seamlessly insert a You-Tube here, so instead, as when I was a kid, please just click: 





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