what I’ve been doing, November 14

this is a recent view out our back door

view from the back door, november 2013

last night was gorgeously clear, and so starry


In addition to cleaning up the hoophouses, spreading compost throughout the gardens, liming the sandy gardens, winterizing quite a lot, cutting firewood and the such, I have spread certified organic straw mulch on the garlic….

Our pond had a skin of ice for two going into three days, it may still now! Unbelievably to me, our soils were already freezing up (from the surface down)! This weekend is predicted to warm up some, and maybe bring some more rains.

we would again like to say:


Picture 011


Thank you greatly, to each of you who’ve purchased, participated, and enjoyed the harvests throughout this season.

a few reminders

  • to see some new, November farm photos
  • if you’d like to purchase additional garlic
  • Ground Sausage $5.75 per pound (1 lb pkgs), Rendered Lard $5.50/#
  • if you’d like to purchase additional winter squash
  • If you haven’t, please complete the  CSA Veggie Survey & Evaluation


 I’ve been very busy outdoors yet, and have not taken much time at all on the computer. I have been enjoying some evening reading, and thought I’d share some of it with you now:


(Source: Sandor Ellix Katz. The Art of Fermentation. 2012.)

(page 416) “Relationships with Community Self-sufficiency is a dangerous myth. We need each other. Love your circle, cultivate it, and enlarge it. Share food you grow or make with your community, and encourage others in their food production activities. Community is never perfect and takes hard work, because people have such varied visions, ideas, and values. But do the hard work of finding common ground, and build community with the people around you.”

(page xxi) “…it is primarily urbanites who are spurring agricultural change in the countryside by creating demand – starting farmer’s markets and providing the bulk of the community support for what is known as community supported agriculture (CSA)… They can also tap into the deep currents of creativity that exist in cities, and the inevitable cross-pollination that occurs there, to foster change.”

(page xx) “By participating in local food production – agriculture and beyond – we actually create important resources that can help fill our most basic daily needs. By supporting this local food revival, we recycle our dollars into our communities, where they may repeatedly circulate, supporting people in productive endeavors and creating incentives for people to acquire important skills, as well as feeding us fresher, healthier food with less fuel and pollution imbedded in it. As our communities feed ourselves more and thereby reclaim power and dignity, we also decrease our collective dependency on the fragile infrastructure of global trade. Cultural revival means economic revival.”

2 thoughts on “what I’ve been doing, November 14

    • thanks Karen! You and Jim eat it all and want more, which is really fun for me to know! Thanks to you and Maryann at Hometown Health too, for helping to get the word out, for the distribution point, and for all the help with the shareholders getting their crates “after the fact”.

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