“No Matter What”

I apologize if we’ve been slow to respond to your computer and/or telephone communications. I’ve spent very little time on the computer lately (which is at the library for us). And, more recently, our telephone has been taking unplanned leaves of absence, again and again. A fritzing phone is an unreliable thing.

We’ll be in touch as soon as we can with those of you who’ve contacted us. Or just keep trying. Thanks.

I’ve been working outdoors at least half days recently.

In this kind of weather you’ve just got to keep on moving.

DSCN3680[1] DSCN3681[1]  DSCN3682[1]

To keep my feet, face and hands warm, I’m ridiculously layered up.

Sometime in early winter the tractor’s steering tie rods busted. A bungee worked miracles for awhile (sort of, really a minor miracle, to be honest). You can sort of see the bungee in the picture below. I was needing to take our mid-1960’s, vintage tractor out on the road, at full speed ahead. I needed to replace the steering before I trusted that to safety.

tractor, pre-repair Jan 2014

It’s done. Repaired. Though I have the parts on hand to repair the other side too, I decided to await a finer weathered day to tinker with it. Safety third.

I like to keep moving no matter what.

I do have all the mushroom logs for 2014 cut (worked on these and finished the mid-weeks of January, or so). I’m cutting the logs about 7 miles from home. I had them cut and stacked, though not quite pulled out of the woods.

the picture below is one stack I did manage to bring home in the bed of our truck.

first stack home 2014

Well my wish to keep moving “no matter what” has landed me stuck in the mud. And snow. That is, one of our trailers is stuck in the mud, up to the axle. Another stuck in snow banks taller than Rudolph.

Yes, amazingly so, the snow we’ve had since about Thanksgiving has insulated the ground enough, like a nice down blanket, that there’s still muck and standing water in this cedar swampy area near where I’m cutting mushroom logs. As I tried to haul our over-loaded trailer out and around, one wheel broke through the slight frozen crust, and down the trailer sank, til it’s resting on its axle (still fully loaded). Whoops.

Our second trailer is out and around the swampiness, but the slightest of inclines (and ice) and deep snow are enough to keep both our truck and tractor from being able to pull it out of there. Needless to say, I’ve tried almost more than I’d like to get it out of there “no matter what”. It now sits in snow deeper than it’s axle.

Everything is slower in the snow, ice and cold. Period.

Sometimes moving too much in “One Direction” can really keep me spinning my wheels too much (especially when it’s icy).

one direction

Our barn cat, Autumn, the sweetest cat you’ve never met, looking for a drink of water beneath that ice. I give her fresh water, or crack the ice, many times per day – trying to give her a chance to drink her fill “no matter what”.

jan 2014

there’s a hoophouse underneath that snow somewhere. and the snow just grows deeper. I know, not an ideal photo shoot day, too bright, the light just blending into a white smear (beats grey though, if you ask me).

deepening snow Jan 2014

hope you’re well. and warm.

a few reminders:

if you’d like to purchase additional garlic

Ground Sausage $5.75/pound (1 lb pkgs) – SOLD OUT! Thank You!

Rendered Lard $5.50/#

if you’d like to purchase firewood

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