Variety in the Week’s Harvest: averaged 10.7 items of produce per week

Picture 112

Recently I had some fantastic feedback from a many year CSA Shareholder. This was very productive for me to think through this.

I thought I’d share some of it with you now:

The critique centered around a “selection rather limited in variety” in 2013. I do have all of my personal and farm, field and harvest notes from 2013. We also have the many entries I placed onto the internet, via our Website and our Facebook site

when I did the math,

we averaged 10.7 select items per 2013 harvest

(a one-time low of 7, a three time high of 14 items)

Picture 063

Now, I understand, this is a bit of a simplistic view of variety. It’s data. It is, though, some representation of the variety we delivered to you in 2013.

If we did not have it, we did not eat it!

Picture 031

Some of our earliest direct seedings were lost (eg spinach, salad mix, carrots). We were not harvesting salad mix well, nor regularly, last season. This was a let down for us all. Early carrots and peas were poor for us. We had too much weed pressure in a number of our earliest direct seeded beds – this was a real problem. I made the tough decision to sacrifice those crops, in hopes of limiting the weed pressure in those beds (by rototilling them in, not allowing the weeds to go to seed).

Picture 107

you can re-read more about that at:

weedy decisions in 2013

Picture 077

The thinking through of this critique really confirmed, for me, how our absolute transparency is recorded, out-loud, for all to see, on the world wide web, in ‘perpetuity’! We’re far to one end of the spectrum on transparency. We do feel that this transparency is part-and-parcel of our ideas and practice of a partnership in agriculture and food, in community.

In our explanation of our CSA:

This CSA brings you and us, the Farm and the food, together. Our CSA is both a concept and practice. This requires mutual trust, understanding and flexibility. You support stewardship of the farm and food when you buy a share of the upcoming harvest. As partners in community and agriculture, we pledge to share the benefits of abundance and the risks of failure. We will all do our best to nurture this CSA this season.

patty pan summer squash

to re-see some of your 2013 CSA evaluation and

to re-read my evaluation of the 2013 season, click right


edamame, ready for you! late Aug 2012

just a few reminders


if you’d like to purchase




veggies and/ or mushrooms

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