When will the dandelions bloom?

(temperatures in the hoop houses do not represent outdoor temp’s (except, maybe, at night!))

Picture 028

Just this morning, on the weather radio, I heard, “We will continue to be 20 degrees below average through at least mid-week, next week.”

I said to Kate, “That sounds like an exaggeration to me.”

She said, “It is almost April Chris!”

Ohhhh… yes, right…


One sign or signal of weather growing warmer, days growing longer, is the blooming of dandelions.

One rule of thumb, “Plant potatoes when you see the dandelions bloom.”

A second, “Split your bee hives when you see the dandelions bloom.”

Noticing the dandelions blooming is like a canary in the coal mine, but in a good way! (This is a judgement call, really.)

The days are longer, the sun’s rays more intense, the soil warms… The dandelions blooming signal some of this happening. The nectars are coming on.


I’ve kept a rough log of dandelions blooming through the year. Rough because it depends greatly on my Noticing! Some dandelions bloom sooner than others, maybe site or exposure dependent…. Then a more general, widespread blooming occurs elsewhere. So what did I notice?

Here’s part of my rough log (rough, too, because where did the record of 2013 go? I think it’s still on the 2013 calendar hanging in the shed, which currently is 4 miles from here):


4/28/09 dandelions bloomed

4/13/10 dandelions bloomed

5/01/11 dandelions bloomed

4/5/12 dandelions bloomed


when will the dandelions bloom in 2014?


just a few reminders


if you’d like to purchase



veggies and/ or mushrooms

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