Join Now – Membership Drive for the CSA!


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First and foremost, let me say a great thank you to the many CSA shareholders who have committed already. Who have paid already. Who have started on their payment plan already. Your confidence and participation in this CSA process is greatly appreciated and much valued by all of us.


transplants April 23 2014


we are only

half way to where

we want to be

with shareholders

right now.



is the CSA half full,

or half empty??



april 23 2014

(Lucky thinks we’re half full.

And she wants to fill ‘er right up to the top,

just like she likes her food bowl.)



We’re into “open enrollment” for our CSA,

first-come, first-served

from this point forward.





Join Up

And please help spread the news too



thank you!


dog, and cat, days of spring 2014

(oh good…. she can lay back and relax now!)



(links to the sign-up forms can be found below)



csa crate in july


The Vegetable CSA costs $440 (a half share is $270: I’d instead recommend you find a “crate mate”). For 18 weeks, June through September you receive a 4 – 20 pound assortment of fresh vegetables and limited flowers. This is approximately 1-3 grocery bags worth. The quantity and variety will vary seasonally.

for a CSA Veggie sign-up, click:








Picture 020



The Mushroom CSA costs $30. You will receive 1/2 pound, 6 times in 2014 (for 3 pounds total). We cultivate shiitake in natural logs, wine caps in certified organic straw, and oyster mushrooms in “totem logs”. We also offer storage, preparation, and recipe ideas.



for a CSA Mushroom sign-up, click:


2014 Swier Family Farm Mushroom Community Supported Agriculture



Picture 132



You can find out more online at:



or give us a call, tel #989-382-5436




Just be in touch.


thank you!



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