Re-Introducing (…drum roll…) – Sirah Dowell !



got organic?




No Teasing Going On Here


no teasing

We Also Have


Action Hero : Sirah Dowell

Sirah Dowell!


Back In Action, And Back On The Farm!


Cool Socked Sirah



Cool Socked Sirah!

(no teasing there, either)


sirah dowell 2011

lunch on a harvest day

Sirah, garlic party 2013

Sirah’s been an integral part of our farm-ily since way back when (need a calculator to add the many years up). One fateful Garlic Harvest Party Sirah showed up to chip in. Ever since she’s been helping grow (or eat!) the farm foods.


We’re all smiles to welcome her back



april 23 2014

That’s our dog Lucky, smiling

(no teasing there either)

In Addition

We Do Still Have Room In Our CSA


If Interested,

Click On:





Click On:


2014 Updated Swier Family Farm Mushroom Community Supported Agriculture




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