scaredy cats do not get mushrooms

on a chilly, soggy day like today we’re not scaredy cats,


no way!


autumn is no scaredy cat

we suit up and head out


chris suited up

and we harvest things like this


shiitake mushrooms harvested this a.m. May 15 2014

which add up to this


26.5 pounds shiitake (having subtracted 10.5# harvest crate weight)

which you can now find at


Greentree - Our  Local Co-op



Greentree Natural Grocery




you could sign-up for our Mushroom CSA


for details, click on


2014 Updated Swier Family Farm Mushroom Community Supported Agriculture


you’d get a bag about like this now and again

mushroom CSA shares May 15 2014


by the way,


we do still have room


for you to sign-up for our


Vegetable CSA too


just click on




you’d get a crate about like about this once per week for 18 weeks straight

harvest 11 (still missing onions, garlic, edamame, salad mix), 20 pound mark!


thank you!

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