Late May 2014


first it rained cats and dogs

boots on the ground in the puddle

then it got a tad muddy

a tad muddy - stick to your ribs clay

the “cold weather” shiitake were ecstatic

cold weather strain shiitake may 2014

we’re now planting out like mad

Sirah the "planting machine"

the gardens are filling up nicely

(Sorry, I do not have a current photo, this is June 2013. Late May 2014 looks a lot alike.)

june 2013 - june 2014 looks much alike! (sorry, I have no current photos)

we do have a limited number

of starts, or transplants, for sale

$0.30 per plant

($10.80 per flat (36 plants))

please call #989-382-5436 to reserve


starts, or transplants, early May 2014

we do still have room in our CSA


for Vegetables click on:



for Mushrooms click on:

2014 Updated Swier Family Farm Mushroom Community Supported Agriculture


please send payments to:

our physical address

to see some May farm photos



to see some June farm photos


whoops – I jumped the gun, it’s not actually June yet!

(It just feels like June to me)


thank you!




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