How to get ahold of Chris (sometimes: try, try again)

How to get ahold of Chris?



email, facebook, via our website/blog


(though I’m on a computer only about once per week).


on the “curbside” (at CSA drop-off, or pick-up)




or at the farm



But how to get ahold of Chris


on short notice???


(this time of year I consider “short notice” less than one week!)


Call on the farm telephone.


(I do not have a cell phone)


You’ll probably need to leave a message.


I’ll hear your message.


I’ll call you back as soon as I can.


This is a consequence of our “labor shoestring”.


If you need to make a change with your CSA delivery, please give me as much advance notice as possible, by phone.


The Beekeeper I purchased two nuc hives from has a telephone message which says, “If you don’t hear back in two business days, feel free to call back!”


Kate’s work has a telephone message which says, “If you do not hear back from us in a reasonable time frame, please call back.”


We can all relate. We’re all busy.


Communication is essential to our

CSA Adventure.


In this we say, “Communication is essential in this process, especially to make it successfully satisfying. We all benefit from communication within our wider CSA community. Talk to us and others, and talk with us and others. We have telephone, email, the blog, facebook, the curbside. This is part of building and sustaining our locale, our culture, our health, and our lives! This sounds grandiose because it is!”


especially this time of year it does take effort to get ahold of us


especially on short notice.


thanks for trying and trying again!










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