Wanna Volunteer?? Or, farming on a labor shoestring



(Nuance is not an easy word to spell,

Nor easy to convey electronically.

 Humor is easy to spell.

 But just as hard to convey electronically.

 So don’t get me wrong.)


 A “labor shoestring”???


Often we don’t even have shoestrings!


no shoestrings here!

But neither do we consider Tony,

 our right hand man,

 a “shoestring”.


Tony harvesting oyster mushrooms June 2015

nor me.

aug 2013 garlic harvest party

nor You, the many people who pitch in.

Allma shadow shot 2014

 We have consistently farmed with “just” 1.5 full-time people during the growing season. This year that’d be me and Tony. For what we do, how much we do, and how we do it, that is a labor shoestring.


So, You Wanna Volunteer??


We’d be super glad to have You!


these people are amongst the many

that have chipped in

through the many years


kate garlic harvest party 2013

ryan & kathyrn garlic harvest party years ago

jack weeding april 2013

my Mom, Evelyn & Tim garlic 2013

ryan, chris, ben 2010

and the many of whom I have no photo

oct 2012

We invite your help,


and could use your help.


just be in touch.


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