The CSA Will Start! : Tuesday, June 24th & Thursday, June 26th



our CSA will start


(drum roll, please)


Tuesday June 24th




Thursday June 26th


(yes, the fourth week of June 2014)


We harvest and deliver just twice per week.

Our Mt. Pleasant harvest/delivery is Tuesdays only.

Our Mecosta County harvest/delivery is Thursdays only.


If you are not sure which harvest/delivery day is yours, please give me a phone call, telephone #989-382-5436.


thank you!

Our first crate of the season always feels like a bit of a grand opening.


We always want to start out with our best foot forward.

right foot forward

get up on the right side of the bed (at 4:40am).

sleepy cat

make a splash.

sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours. Making a splash.

break a leg (or, looks like, an arm).

looks broken (but it's not!)

you get my point.

to the point

So, yes, we’ll start the Veggie CSA the fourth full week of June this year. We like to provide good quantity and variety right off the bat.

So we’ll wait. Cool our heels. Let the plants grow.

ho-hum  yawn, yawn relaxed


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