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During our 18 week harvest season (and beyond) I will send (at least) weekly farm updates, information regarding “What’s in Your Crate”, recipes, food usage/storage ideas, photos, etc, etc…. To receive these, please either join our website/blog, or join our facebook.
On our website/blog we have tabs for Recipes, Veggie I.D.’s (to help with the quirkier of the veggies… for example, “what is this green-blue thing??”), info regarding our mushrooms and our honey, and our (mostly) weekly updates.
You can search this website/blog – SUPER HANDY. You can always refer back to it – SUPER EASY.
If you sign-up for our website/blog you will receive my updates in your email inbox – DIRECTLY. How do you do this?? :
go to our website/blog by clicking here
in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page you will see three horizontal lines, stacked one on top of another, click on these!
you will then see:

“Follow Blog via Email

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 53 other followers.”
Follow the directions, entering your email address in the appropriate spot.
An email will now come to your email inbox directly, asking you to verify that you’d like to receive the updates from our website/blog. Say “yes”, approve, yep. From then on out, unless you unsubscribe, you’ll receive my updates directly.
At the bottom of this page, in my “signature”, you will see a link to our facebook site. Click on it, you can then “join or like”. (On our Facebook site I am usually linking to our website/blog posts each week too.)
There are very nice photo albums you can check out there, on facebook, arranged by months of the year. Very cool.
Check it out.
Chris Swier
640 E 18 Mile Rd
Remus, MI  49340
tel # 989-382-5436
working farm
since 2003

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