Our CSA 2014, Some Details


Wanting to be sure we all know


our CSA will start


(drum roll, please)


Tuesday June 24th




Thursday June 26th


(yes, the fourth week of June 2014)


We harvest and deliver just twice per week.

Our Mt. Pleasant harvest/delivery is Tuesdays only.

Our Mecosta County harvest/delivery is Thursdays only.


I’m re-posting some info,

wanting to be as sure as possible that the news spreads

(please do feel free to pass it ’round to your peoples too, thanks!)


(here’s some food you’ll be eating soon!)

 nrcs hh, early June 2014


just a few reminders

these are hyperlinks, click on them if interested

when’s the CSA starting?


how to join our website/blog… or facebook…

if possible, please bag your produce

to contact Chris

we welcome all visitors

wanna volunteer??

see some June photos


(Ouch, quite a glare! Two bee hives in early June, honey coming in late August/Sept!)

2 hives, early June 2014

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