the upcoming CSA Veggie deliveries: Tuesday June 24th & Thursday June 26th



just a few reminders


(these are hyperlinks, click on them if interested)

when’s the CSA starting?


how to join our website/blog… or facebook…

if possible, please bag your produce

to contact Chris

we welcome all visitors

wanna volunteer??

see some June photos


lhh garden, June 21 2014


What are the logistics of the Veggie CSA Harvest/Delivery?


How do I get my Stuff?


I start the harvest early morning, as early as I can. Usually daylight or shortly thereafter.

Sirah will be showing up at 7am sharp. Sharp as a carrot, right Sirah?


to the point

We harvest like mad, as fast we can, into our harvest crates, into a trailer


crates harvested from field - late June 2012

We then unload, and start “processing” the produce for you.


This part, especially, is a Very, Very good time for helping hands!


So, if you’d like to lend a

Helping Hand

get ahold of me!


"tanked" food - cooling and rinsing - late June 2012

Once it’s all unloaded, and safe from the day’s heat we eat lunch! (A very good part of the day). Though it isn’t usually as elaborate as the photos below, trust me.


lunch on a harvest day

Becky took lunch to a whole new level, unparalleld (spelling??) since

After lunch we sort your foods into your individual crates


Janek & I, 2013. Filling your crates. Locricchio_Farm_7

Around 4pm we load them into the van


crates/flowers in van, ready for delivery to you!

On Tuesdays I go to Mt. Pleasant

On Thursdays I go to Remus


Look for the stack of crates at your delivery site


csa crate in july

then look for Your crate, with Your name


an example, "your crate with your name", actually, Andrew's crate with Andrew's name

Voila! Eat well!


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