not your Great-Aunt’s next door neighbor’s salad spinner anymore

it might look innocent enough,

like “just” a salad spinner

"salad spinner"

but this is not your Great-Aunt’s next door neighbor’s salad spinner anymore…

Use your “salad spinner” often. Use it wisely. Use it as far more than “just” a salad spinner.

salad mix June 2014

tatsoi June 2014

arugula June 2014


yep, “rinse”…

(When I say “rinse”, I guess I don’t just mean “rinse”. I mean scrub your kitchen sink basin. Rinse it out. Sanitize it. Then put the plug in. Add the loose greens, spread them around gently. Add cold water, gently, off to the side of the greens. Fill up the basin. Plenty of water to some greens (don’t pack those greens in, let ’em float, let ’em have some elbow room, room to breathe. Then kind of gently press the greens from above, into the water, dunking them gently. Let ’em sit a bit, in the water. Drain the water out of the sink basin, leaving the greens in place for another “rinse” cycle. And another. Use a colander, or the inner part of your “salad spinner” to strain the greens out of the basin and into the spinner itself. Gently. Then spin thoroughly.)

rinse the arugula, rinse the tatsoi, rinse the salad mix




Then just spin, spin, spin

The drier the leaves are, when stored in the fridge, the longer they will last.

We harvest all leafy greens the day you receive them.

Very fresh.

We have often and repeatedly been told (by many different people) that the bagged greens last easily from one week to ten days – Bagged and in the fridge.

In the spirit of full disclosure, and by no means meant as any sort of endorsement (in other words do what I say, not what I do), we very often do absolutely nothing additional with our families’ bagged greens. Part of our processing is to tank and rinse the greens immediately upon harvesting. Then we spin them dry. Then we bag them. Then we deliver them to you.

Then they’ll often store just fine for 7 to 10 days in the fridge.

More often than not, my family just eats them right as they are coming right out of the bags. Just as they come to you. 

Obviously, the cleaner the better, as far as taste. The drier the better, as far as storage.


"salad spinner"

(so effective!)

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