Attention: Tuesday Drop-Off/Pick-Up Site May Be Affected

Sarah Christiansen, General Manager at the Greentree Co-Op, has given us a head’s-up regarding some upcoming construction on Franklin Street… Seems there could be some complications with road access. This, of course, will be very disruptive for Greentree.


This may also affect our Tuesday CSA Deliveries/Drop-Off’s/Pick-Up’s.


This could be happening for upwards of one month, on and off.


So…. in the next few weeks, or more, if you cannot access our usual CSA site by car, or if parking on Franklin is severely limited, please head to the City Parking Lot south of the Greentree.


If you do not see me in our usual spot, please check that City Parking Lot (it’s across from the Red Cross).

let’s have that be our back-up plan!


And let’s keep shopping at Greentree, no matter some potential or occasional minor inconveniences.



Greentree - Our  Local Co-op


thank you too


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