Garlic Harvest Party : Saturday August 2 : Come One, Come All.


It’s a Foodie-Fest;

a Work Bee

& a Potluck!


Tenth Annual

Swier Family Farm

Garlic Harvest Party



Saturday 2nd August



9am – 5pm (or until done!)

potluck around 1pm, or so


Yep, it’s a Party and you’re all invited! Come one, come all, bring your friends and family! (no, you don’t have to be part of the CSA, course not!)


Come for an hour, come for the day, stay into the night! We’ll be visiting with friends old and new – getting to know our CSA friends better and better. You’ll see where and how your food is grown. We’ll eat around 1pm (or so). We can take a farm tour after lunch, if you’d like.


Bring an instrument if you’d like, and a camera. Please no pets.


bring some pruners,

if you got ‘em


(we’re often a bit short on pruners)

(see those pruners gripped in their workin’ hands?)


pruning off garlic necks, which year??

my Mom, Evelyn & Tim garlic 2013



If you have any questions or concerns, contact me directly. Need directions? Just ask. Don’t let anything hold you back from coming and enjoying!


(Come rain, come shine, come hot, come cold…. We’ve got plenty of large, covered shelters from the rains and the shines; nice places to take a break, have a seat, do some shade work, visit with friends new and old, eat some food, drink some drink.)

step out your car

take your hat off

stay awhile

(like Janek did!)


 step out your car, take your hat off, stay while Janek

or put your hat on

and stay awhile

(like Sirah does!)


Sirah, late May 2014


It’s a Potluck (around 1pm, or so)


please bring a dish or drink to pass!


Please bring a dish or drink to pass. This is one of the year’s best meals, guaranteed! (or your food back?) The food’s been absolutely exceptional, delectable, incredible and inspiring each and every year. Always been great company to share it all with too.

Bring any picnic ware you might have, your favorite drink(s), some outdoor chairs, if you can.


just a small portion of the 2013 food spread – oh my!

2013 garlic harvest party food spread

bring a smile

Sirah, garlic party 2013

bring a friend

chatting at the party, garlic party 2013

work up an appetite

plucking garlic from field 2013

work up an appetite

Airlia 2010 garlic harvest

I mean, you’ll work up an appetite!

what great helping hands from all! thank you!

and we’ll eat, of course!

garlic harvest party 2013

be part of the clean plate club

the leader of the clean plate club, Sirah,  garlic party 2013


It’s a Work Bee

bring your hand pruners!


our bees March 2014


Come prepared for the weather, whatever it may be, and for some work. There’s all sorts of work for all sorts of people. The harvesting of garlic, as we do it, is time and labor intensive – and we’re going to get it done!

We’ve got work on your hands and knees, standing straight up, sitting in a chair, and on ladders – oh my! I’m telling you, something for everyone!

Wear some work clothes – and bring a second (third?) set, just in case. Be prepared for the elements – and bring some hand pruners, if you’ve got them (to cut the “necks” of the garlic).

We are a working farm, and you will help us get this work done!



farmphotosgarlic10 020

David loving on the garlic

“You should market this as therapy!”

honestly, David said that!

garlic harvest 2012 001

farmphotosgarlic10 028

farmphotosgarlic10 014

farmphotosgarlic10 030


garlic harvest 2012 003

garlic before cleaning - 2013

workers in the distance!

farmphotosgarlic10 030

happy garlic day 2010

cured garlic - ready for you!

 thank you!

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