Social Media + Chris + CSA = Mixed Results

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Garlic Harvest Party

Saturday 2 August

Open Invitation!


Mt. Pleasant Shareholders : BEWARE!

Some July Farm Photos


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So, yes, let’s talk social media… I’m sorta comfortable hacking my way through this new-to-me frontier. But it is just that: hacking.

I’m at a loss much of the time. But I do my best. Sometimes with mixed results.

I don’t use social media very well. Not according to its rules, social norms, mores… all that jazz. Why?? Because I’m in seriously foreign territory I venture to only now and again. I’m off-line 99.98% of my life (that’s a rough estimate, I rounded downward).


My face is currently pretty RED on facebook right now.

RED from embarrassment.

And a little RED, I admit, from frustration too.


so…. embarrassment??


Yes. I tried to create an Event, on Facebook, for our Garlic Harvest Party.

check it out: click HERE


I thought I could handle this. I couldn’t. I shouldn’t have tried even.

now it’s just sheer embarrassment.


I posted that Event on facebook lickety-split. I was pretty impressed by my fabulous efficiency. I figured I’d let that bird out of it’s cage and it’d just








See how naiive I am?


The next time I was at the Library to use the internet (99.98% of my time I am not at the Library), I was shocked. The Event had not flown gracefully. As a matter of indisputable fact, it nose-dived and crashed to the ground below. OUCH.

I tried to spend the 10 minutes before the Library closed to trouble shoot that crash and burn. I thought, as I poked around almost aimlessly, “Oh! Invite! Invite! Invite!” There’s a button there to invite. Check it out how handy. That’ll send the Event high off the ground and far into orbit. Gotta do it.

Well, sadly, embarrassingly, I have Zero friends.

I mean Zero. 0. Wow.

And it’s right there on the www for all to see. Wow.

how embarrassing

Though this did make a great story and a great teachable moment at supper time when I told the girls how much of a social misfit their Pops is on the internet. But that it’s still okay to be me. 

I told Kate, “Maybe I should delete the Event thing and just pretend I never tried”. She laughed pretty hard and said, “You probably won’t be able to figure out how to delete it.”

I decided to not even try today. I do think it’s kinda funny. Serves me right, thinking I know what I’m doing. Oh well!


Honestly, my infrequency on the internet really limits my capacity for in-the-exact-moment, spontaneous STUFF that social media seems to REQUIRE.


But, that does not limit your usage of our social media sites,

or does it??

maybe some, what do I know??


I’ve tried to pick a lot of people’s brains about how to better use our BUSINESS FACEBOOK SITE, or our WEBSITE/BLOG too, for that matter.


sooo RED with frustration on facebook??


One conclusion I’ve reached recently,

especially after talking to Ben C., is that:


if you are following us on facebook,

and you really aren’t ever finding our stuff in your feed,

Follow Our Website/Blog 





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