The Share Crate (formerly known as the Community Crate, the Grab Crate, the Trade Crate, That Orange Crate, Prince, etc, etc…)


the Share Crate


one of the many Share Crates, Thursday July 18

the other day I was working with Ila.

out of the blue she called this crate

the “Share Crate”

a so-much-better name than I ever could come up with: grab crate/trade crate/community crate. my naming efforts just pale in comparison.


here’s a short little explanation I’d sent out earlier in the year

regarding the Share Crate:


By the way, Tuesday I transported 6 Share Crates to MP! (many were stuffed full with broccoli, or scapes! also: summer squash, cukes, cauliflower, beets, broc, scapes, chinese cabbage, happy rich.)

 (For a CSA of our scale, most individualization might best be handled with a grab crate/trade crate/ community crate. These have been orange crates, labelled Community Crate which I’ve brought with me to the curbsides, not always, but often. We usually try to bait the crate with some extras, or maybe a few early or late-coming veggies (of which we do not have enough to stock each shareholders crate). CSA shareholders are welcome to Grab from the crate, or Trade with the crate (say trade your tomatoes for the kohlrabi in the crate (go figure)), or just Donate to the crate your least favorite whatever it is. It’s one way for You to individualize Your crate.)

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