Garlic Harvest Party – You’re Invited: “Community Supported”

It’s a Foodie-Fest;

a Work Bee,

& a Potluck!


Tenth Annual

Swier Family Farm

Garlic Harvest Party

Saturday 2nd August

9am – 5pm (or until done!)

potluck around 1pm, or so



Yep, it’s a Party and you’re all invited! Come one, come all, bring your friends and family! (no, you don’t have to be part of the CSA, course not!)



swier family farm garlic

yes, once again,

it’s come to my





am not

the most




please do forgive me.


(if you’d like to see one of my errors in planning, click HERE)


but, I try. and I’ll try again now.


this is a hyperlink, click on it if interested:


Garlic Harvest Party

Saturday 2 August

Open Invitation!


Yes, I admit, it did take some people pointing out to me my somewhat work-centric focus in my party planning. There was a somewhat small intervention which needed to occur. It did.

to my inter-veners,

thank you!

let me try again.

I have hope,

and an inspirational outlook


of course I’m work-centered.



We have a friend. She sent out an invitation, many of you have seen it. It’s incredible: Detailed, Concise, Very Explanatory, Time-lined. It’s clear. It’s fun. It’s quite an invitation.



I think,

“build it and they will come.

of course.”


“invite them and they will come.

of course.”


Two years back we had some very good conversation about what I’d like the Garlic Harvest to be. Believe you me, much more than just work.



we are a

working farm

And we need to get the work done.

You’ll help us. Many hands make lighter work. Surely.



the garlic harvest party

is so much more.



not just a

a Work Bee


it’s also

a Foodie-Fest;

& a Potluck!


it’s a chance to come out to our farm, where your CSA food is grown,

to spend some time with your fellow CSA shareholders,

to get to know one another better…..


to build community


see you there.



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