the dreaded gall : Sirah’s gall bladder surgery : calling on the Farm-ily

(don’t forget : Garlic Harvest Party

click HERE for details)


Remember about the labor shoestring situation?

Well, on top of our already hyper-narrow labor margin, Sirah, our experienced, hired farm hand, has been out and away for emergency Gall Bladder surgery. OUCH.

Sirah, late May 2014

we wish her a speedy recovery.

back up and at it all as soon as able.


So last week, Thursday July 17, my family rallied to help the old man get ‘er done.

girls getting it done

thank you family.

We quick made some calls and found some other help too. For this week (and next week, and beyond??) It’s been

spring training

all over again. But it’s not spring (though maybe spring-like weather?).

Spring Training is the time when we all start working together, getting up to speed, trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together, do all sorts of new things, and build our speed and ability. Try to build “the team”.

It’s best, of course, when this happens in Spring.

When the clock’s not ticking so loud, so fast… When the harvest and delivery deadline is not so


 see how it’s RED, unflexible, unforgiving, talk about OUCH.

Tuesday took every ounce of energy, and every second of time to get it done even as well as we did (Kate, Korie, and I). Tuesday’s harvest is about twice the size of Thursdays. This was Korie’s first harvest day. And our harvests are growing each week too. In complexity and quantity. It’s good news.

Talk about immersion! Korie has been a welcome addition, very hard-working, very capable, very willing. In one weeks time we have done, literally, every last activity I do in any one year with our hired help, except seeding new plants.

she has:

planted out to the field


harvested veggies

jumped-up transplants

harvested mushrooms


trellised tomatoes

so, I’m calling on our farm-ily,

if you’ve got time,


or Thursdays,

after 12 noon,

we could use your help!


thank you

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