What’s in the Brown Bags?? Major Mushrooms!!

what’s in those brown bags, Chris??


mushroom CSA shares May 15 2014


yep, our own homegrown, artisanal, outdoor, natural log


swier family shiitake

I’ve been harvesting our shiitake. Many of you signed up for our Mushroom CSA. You’ll get them at a reduced rate, and directly in your Veggie crate! (Some of you’ve about hit your 3# total amount for the share, let me know if you want more.)

What I have in addition, we bag and bring to the curbside. These sell like hotcakes. Especially if I have one or both of our daughters along to tend the mushrooms, draw some attention to them, etc, etc.

$10 for 3/4 pound

Keep your eyes peeled if interested.


Remember: BROWN BAGS.

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