try, try, try again : or, eating habits

My Uncle Pat had a great blueberry patch.


He suggests, “Always eat at least three blueberries at a time.”


Why, Uncle Pat, Why?

Well, his sister, my mother, explains it something like this: You gotta give those blueberries a chance. Mix ’em up, one with another. Don’t judge the blueberries by any one blueberry. Eat at least three at a pop, they’re better that way.

well, somewhat within that line of thinking, sort of:

Many of you are motivated to (re-) join our CSA because:

“We want to eat better.

We want to eat more Veggies.

We want to eat more healthy.”


 we gotta get those veggies in your mouth,

in your stomach,

and win the bellies, hearts and minds of your families too.


that’s a seriously tall order.

yes, indeed.

One exciting story I’d like to share from a season passed: One family we’ve known, who lives out near us, signed up for our CSA. This after kind of hemming and hawing (and I say that with all due respect) about joining for a number of years in a row. They grow a good garden. They raise much of their own beef and eggs. They do a lot all on “their own”.

Well, the other day I’m talking to the Dad of this family, he says something like, “Ohhhh, you know, I’m kinda teased about being so tight with my money, hating to spend it on anything at all…. But man am I glad we’re part of the CSA this season. We spent the money and we’re eating so much, and so well. We wouldn’t usually have shopped for all these veggies, really. We’re loving all the food! This has been good for us.”

I count that as a success all around.

Our standard CSA share comes pre-packed in your very own black crate.

It’s a bit like when I was in school, with our cafeteria lunches. (There was no a-la-carte back then. Times were tough, I tell you. Commiserate with me while we walk back down memory lane. The lane turns from information superhighway to pavement to gravel to barely a trail through the wild and wooly woods.) It was standard fare. Want it or not. Take it or leave it.

Why do you do this to us, Chris?

A couple of reasons quickly come to my mind: Convenience for You (you pick it up, quick, fast, on your way, no lolly-gagging or standing in line (unless you want to!)), and because, as stated above, many of you’ve told me:

“We want to eat better.

We want to eat more Veggies.

We want to eat more healthy.”

The story I re-counted above, about the “Local Family”, is along these lines. That standard share coming at you week after week after week (after week….), so we hope, helps encourage you to



try again.

but Chris,

i love burgers too

Of course you do!

The week’s share is coming at you, time and time and time again. Some quirky foods even. The kohlrabi’s still sitting in the produce drawer… Do I really want another?

Couldn’t we just be given

a bunch of choice??

We do not want to be Too hardcore here, Too old school, or Too grumpy grampy. In Our CSA Adventure I talked some about this.


“We want to eat better.

We want to eat more Veggies.

We want to eat more healthy.”




try again.

We will deliver you produce week after week. It’ll keep coming at you. I know, I know, you are a very, very conscientious group. You hate, I mean hate to waste anything. If those beet greens are rotting in the veggie drawer you will be bothered. Badly bothered.




try again.

I know that some foods just flat out do not work for some people. I get it.

I do think you gotta give the unfamiliar, or your least favorites, many chances. At least three.



Prepare it differently each time. Try it another way.

Tweak and/or perfect the recipe.

Give ’em one more chance.

Chat the challenges up at your CSA pick-up. Pick some brains.

See our recipe page.

Host a CSA potluck!

And, of course,

Give ’em one more chance!

One thought on “try, try, try again : or, eating habits

  1. Reblogged this on Swier Family Farm and commented:
    After me repeatedly singing the praises of the poona khera cucumbers, year after year, I ate one that was just downright bitter. I mean badly bitter, through and through. (The very hot, very dry weather can, and did, really cause the cukes to go bitter. There’s no way to tell its bitter until you bite into it.)
    I was reminded of “try, try again…” Just the idea to give the foods more than just one chance. That one poona khera was bitter, many many others were not.

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