CSA Veggie Harvest Seven: August 5th & 7th

Sirah’s back from her cholecystectomy

(what a word!)


we’re all smiling ’bout this news!

Sirah, late May 2014

(she got her gall bladder removed)

we’ve got nutso amounts of shiitake mushrooms for sale

(that’s what’s in the brown bags at your veggie pick-up)

mushroom CSA shares May 15 2014

contact me

or purchase ’em on the spot


$10 for 3/4 pound


swier family shiitake


(This will be a somewhat limited post today. We’re sitting in the hospital, our oldest daughter recuperating from a tonsillectomy. All’s well.)

in your crate


beets or turnips


red Russian kale (bagged)


kohlrabi (growing bigger)


collard or chard (bagged)


summer squashes (see Harvest Six)

Share Crate: tomatoes, kohlrabi, cauliflower, cukes, chard, collard, Happy Rich



a photo of turnips I snagged from the web

those turnips are seriously photogenic, very web-worthy, no?

and beets, our actual BEETS!

beets and beets and more good beets

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