CSA Veggie Harvest Eight : August 12 & 14

a few reminders

August Farm Photos

Mushrooms For Sale

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a CSA Veggie full share, from Tuesday

full CSA share : Tuesday 12, 2014

in your crate

summer squash



bagged baby kale (see recipe below)






Full Shares Only: Eggplant or Cauliflower, Beets

Share Crate: tomatoes, summer squash, cilantro, broccoli, cukes

one of the Share Crates from Tuesday

one Share Crate Tuesday 12 August 2014

recipes: Kale


also, bound to please the kiddos:

kale chips – Click on that kale chip link for recipe. We’ve been totally enjoying the (over?) abundance of small, young, tender, loose kale.  But What to do with it all? You’ve either figured this out, or you’ve tossed a lot out!?

 baby red russian kale

I’ve got some really good and exciting new recipes to send out to you for the greens. Later this week, possibly this weekend, I’ll try to carve out some time from the field to get on this. I’ve got them around, just need to get the formatting better so you can easily use them (helpful if you can use them, yah!). I’m very busily working on this, that, and the other. Such as:

needin' fixin'

That is, in fact, a this, that, and the other all wrapped into one. Mostly because it’s borrowed from the neighbor, and it broke down on my watch, behind my tractor, as I was driving it.

Always return borrowed things in better shape than you found them

yep, I’m working on that.

Also, am working on plantings in the hoophouses… These will be the final plantings under cover for this season. We are wrestling control of the soil back from the summer jungles, adding prudent amounts of water, setting up to appropriately amend the soil for optimal health, and all around getting readier to re-seed new foods for your enjoyment and ours!

Tomatoes are lining up beautifully thus far, though slower than you, I, and the rest of central Michigan would like. We’ve got beauties hanging on the vines, just awaiting a bit more warmth (during the days and night). Really a fantastic assortment of tomatoes, some new to us this year (black ones! even!).

here’s a look at some thus far:

tomatoes: sizes, shapes, varieties, and tastes! 

Peppers and eggplant (especially) are somewhat questionable… Will they come? When? How many?

(after last season, an eggplant overwhelm (almost!), I’m wondering about eggplant in 2014!)

The peppers you’re getting now, by and large, are Anaheim Peppers. These are considered a “stuffing pepper”, say for a chili relleno. Honestly, they are much like any green bell we grow: delicious, crisp, juicy, and so fresh when at your table and to your mouth the day of picking. Green peppers fresh from the garden are mind-bogglingly better than store bought. Hands down. We are currently thinning the peppers, all varieties. In our northern clime we are pressed for time and heat enough to allow a pepper to color up nicely. So, we thin the plants of fruits. We thin and thin, leaving some few to hopefully ripen to color. We have many pepper plants, we hope to get many peppers too! And to you.

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