School’s In – Workers Are Out – Could You Pitch In??

a few reminders

these are hyperlinks, click on ‘em to check ‘em out

Our Shiitake Mushrooms for Sale to You

See Some August Farm Photos

Swier Family Farm Recipes Page

Swier Family Farm Veggie ID Page





we have more than just



to do!




we could use your helping hands

(especially Tuesdays or Thursdays)



Sirah’s done for the season,

tough boots to fill


wishing her the best

as she moves on,

back to Mid-Mich

sirah with the thumbs-up

Korie (center) covered

a few weeks,

though she’s back-to-school too

cleaning garlic 2014

now and again,

we get some other

helping hands


helping hands

many of whom are also

going back to school

girls getting it done

"the best part's riding the tractor!"

we’d like to say a HUGE

thank you!

to each of them


and to the many un-pictured too

the unknown farm worker

thank you


if you’ve got some time

to chip in

please just be in touch

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