CSA Veggie Harvest #13 : September 16 & 18, 2014


some mixed flowers this week

mixed boquets 9/16/14

a full share this week

full share 9/16/14

in your crate

basil (rinse well, spin!)

bagged kale (try cooking)



broccoli or happy rich



mixed flowers!!

Share Crates: Watermelons, summer squash, basil, dill, sweet peppers, kohlrabi, tomatoes


one of the share crates this week

a Share Crate 9/16/14

 Basil is a bit of a delicate doll. It is super susceptible to wind, hail, and cold damage. Also rough handling. It’s appearance suffers from any of those challenges. Then it doesn’t want to store very well nor very long in your fridge. It’s finicky.


but so tasty!

basil 2014

Basil is the “canary in a coal mine”, our garden plant most prone to the cold. It’ll show cold stress first. Anything near a sustained frost will kill it outright. The cool nights (some have been cold!) recently have been challenging for the basil. Tonight (Wednesday) is predicted cold again. I’m really hoping to be able to harvest basil for our Thursday CSA shareholders. We’ll see… you’ll see in your crates tomorrow…

The cosmetics of the basil are suffering already, undeniably. The weather has already pushed basil towards its edge. The minor flaws we’ve seen thus far in no way affects its taste. Tuesday  the basil was sandy. The heavy rains previous to harvest really caused some splashing of the soils up onto the plants. Because basil is so delicate (to cold water, to being wet in a bag, etc), I did not want to over-process it. You’ll want to rinse it repeatedly in slightly lukewarm water, then spin it very dry. Perfect. Delectable.

These cool nights, cool days have been concerning, of course. Some crops have been slowed. Some will stop if we get much colder much longer. We’re doing all we can to keep the growing going!


hope you’re enjoying!



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