Is it edible??

Cynthia asked me,

“is it edible?”

sweet dumpling winter squash

I assumed she was kidding with me.

So I kidded her back.

“Sure it’s edible, everything’s edible. You just might not feel so well afterwards.”

Only after I was asked two more times, and someone else said, “Is this ornamental?”, did I finally understand what Cynthia was asking me. It wasn’t what I assumed. You do know what they say about assumptions, right?

sweet dumpling winter squash

sweet dumpling winter squash

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has this to say: “One of the sweetest of all! The small flattened ribbed 1 lb. fruit has a white skin with green stripes. The sweet, tender orange flesh makes this variety the favorite of many.”

Sweet Dumpling is considered a single serving winter squash, due to its very manageable size. In the next three weeks you’ll also receive acorn, buttercup, spaghetti (limited), and turk’s turban (very limited) winter squashes.

top 10 ways to enjoy sweet dumpling winter squash

something about beginning work at this hour

early morn harvest day Oct 2 2014

in these conditions

early morn harvest Oct 2 2014

leads me to looney assumptions by 4:45pm

Sorry Cynthia.

Eat it up. You’ll feel great. Really.

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