2014 Veggie CSA Evaluation, Survey, Feedback

Swier Family Farm : 2014 Veggie CSA

Evaluation, Survey and Feedback

(I know, I know, I didn’t use Survey Monkey… I am just DIY.)

Thank you for taking your valuable time to complete this. Your answers will help us better understand your needs and how we might better meet them. Your frank evaluation is invaluable; don’t hesitate to tell us the “good, the bad, the ugly”.

Please return your evaluation, electronically or hard copy, anonymously or not. I will share results with you once I have a significant number of responses. I will then dive in with my own seasonal reflections (many of which are already somewhere on our Website). I enjoy the back and forth communications, and I look forward to your Evaluations.

My focus and my intent are to economize our CSA efforts and  finances. We are trying to “work smarter” as we “work harder”.  We continue to try to put our farm efforts where they best make most Shareholders most happy, contented, and satisfied.

Do you have a full share __a half share __ How many people eat from your share ___ Do you expect to purchase a share next year? Yes__ No__ If no, please detail (this could be a most valuable lesson for us):

Which veggies (that will grow here) do you most want from us?

Which veggies that we grew, do you least want from us?

The price you paid was:     A Steal     A Worthy Deal     Too Much For Too Little

On a scale of 1 to 10 (awful to fantastic), how have you found the veggie’s presentation__, cleanliness__, freshness__, sufficiently bagged__, quantity__, variety__, overall shelf-life in your fridge__, taste__

On a scale of 1 to 10 (no value to (nearly) priceless) how valuable are the flowers__the stand-by, familiar veggies__, the odd-ball, new-to-you veggies__, the Share Crate__, your families nutrition__, seasonal eating__, local food production__, organics__, diversity in your diet__, home-cooking__, cooking from scratch__, experimenting with new foods__ “knowing your farmer”__, investing in your local community__, sharing food, food prep with your children__. Did your participation in our CSA satisfy, or further these (1 to 10, “definitely not!” to “absolutely, positively!”)__

On a scale of 1 to 10 (no value to (nearly) priceless), How valuable is CSA communication to you__On our Website or Facebook, how valuable is our communication regarding: Recipes__, In your crate__, Notes about Veggies__, Photos__, Nutritional Contents__, Freezing/Canning/Drying (extending your harvest)__, Info about our farming practices__, How valuable is our Website__, our Facebook__ How important is an annual, on-farm event to you (i.e. the garlic harvest party)__ Work Bee opportunities__ No work, just a tour of the farm__ the “Community” in a CSA__

What would be your number one suggestion to better this CSA for you?

Have we met your overall expectations (1 to 10, not at all to very well met): __

Any other thoughts you might like to share with us?

Thanks for your time! Thanks for your honesty!

Please detail any of your answers. Feel free to include any other suggestions, feedback, constructive criticisms, questions, comments, inspirations….

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