Cabbage: Recipes, Usage, Enjoy!

“storage” cabbage

storage cabbages, oct 2012

(from Cassie Z.) I have a recipe for you!

This is a favorite of ours. Sauté one cabbage with one onion, add chopped chicken-apple sausage and cooked whole grain pasta, sprinkle with Parmesan. When I make this I never have leftovers.

up and coming cabbage! 7-8-15

many red cabbages

new yourk city kitchen cabbages

green or white cabbage, coming up

cabbage 2013

sink yer teeth into this recipe!

ho-hum  yawn, yawn relaxed

Pennsylvania Red Cabbage

(courtesy of Linda G!)

2 T bacon drippings (Linda uses 2 T butter instead)

4 C Shredded Cabbage

2 C Cubed Apples (Linda does not add this)

1/4 C Brown Sugar

1/4 C Vinegar

dash pepper

1/2 t caraway seed

25-30 minutes for tender cabbage


is what to do with all that cabbage


kimchi 2013

Kate’s recipe and technique

kimchi recipe

more kimchi oct 2014

so delicious


so nutritious


(beautiful too!)



I know, I know, a bit intimidating at first.

So, if necessary, check out:

a great YouTube Kate and Karen worked off of.


Karen Brookshear adds: Purple cabbage works just as well, and is beautiful. You can skip fish sauce if you are vegetarian, or you can add some small pieces of dried seaweed if you want.


Another super YouTube, in-depth method to make kimchi.


Kate and Karen and Jim and Sandor and Clay and Kyle all have used many different approaches to making their Kimchi. Don’t sweat the exact ingredients too much. Kimchi is very malleable to adjustments, and super tasty!


at the head of our Recipe Page we posted:


“I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and I think, “Well, that’s not going to happen.”

from Farmer John’s Cookbook



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