speak out, even if your voice shakes



speak out,

even if your voice shakes.


Many years back I was involved in many large, public forums throughout the state. This was through my efforts with Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation. These were informational meetings to all sorts of civic and environmental groups. Also public hearings, on the record, with many Government officials, and large crowds. Even media.


The combination of speaking out and being heard publicly (even recorded!) is still both invigorating and nerve-racking.


“Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind — even if your voice shakes”

accredited to Maggie Kuhn, an American activist.

Well, here’s my latest speaking out. With shaky voice. It’s got to do with my greatest challenge growing food in 2014. Check it out.


And, here’s your chance to speak out, not with shaky voice (but, of course, even if your voice shakes, speak out!). It’s your 2014 Veggie CSA Evaluation, Survey, and Feedback.


speak out,

even if your voice shakes.



let’s be honest,

sometimes it’s easier to just curl up,

cover our eyes,

and NOT do it!

eyes wide shut - our scaredy cat

A few less years ago I was browsing many on-line blogs and websites, looking for some suitable examples for our soon-to-be on-line presence. A friend in upstate NY suggested checking out Sugar Mountain Farm online. Okay. I checked it out. I like what Walter Jeffries is doing online (and on farm).


I had some questions for him. I wrote to him directly by email (not via his blog). He gave me some great pointers. Amongst them were: “write to me via my blog, publicly, so all can benefit from your questions & answers.” Oh. It made sense. It makes sense. I’m just not usually quite that public of a person…. I mean we are talking the


world wide web!





could see it!


Still to this day, honestly, that seems more public than I might like, frankly.


I’ve had to talk myself down from the public-exhibition-cliff-side.


The internet is a tool. For me. For you.


It’s a great way to streamline communications. Efficiently.


As Walter Jeffries told me, www communications, open and visible to all, also can be a learning opportunity. In Our CSA Adventure, and elsewhere online, I’ve expressed how we tend towards the High Transparency level of the spectrum. As much as the medium (online) may not be my personal favorite, I know it’s a tool for many, many others too. If we can help and be a part of that, we’ll try.


In Our CSA Adventure I wrote, “Communication is essential in this process, especially to make it successfully satisfying. We all benefit from communication within our wider CSA community. Talk to us and others, and talk with us and others. We have telephone, email, the blog, facebook, the curbside. This is part of building and sustaining our locale, our culture, our health, and our lives! This sounds grandiose because it is!”


this season I’ve had a fantastic amount of mis-spellings

I didn’t know you could spell check an email!

boquet is spelled bouquet for example

how many years have I spelled bouquet wrong?

is that why it’s always been underlined in red??


social media has been the utmost of challenges

Walter tried to teach me some social graces of social media

I’m still largely lost


This season I suffered an embarrasment socially, sort of. My heart sank some. Some people don’t really have patience nor see humor in my lack of social graces on social media. Now I think it’s kind of funny. My family sees it as a great story to tell. Oh well. Check out my faux paux


speak out,

even if your voice shakes.




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