Thank You!


looking east, good morning!

looking east, good morning! Nov 2014

thank you!


thank you!

We’d like to offer a great big Thank You to the many who’ve supported us through this most recent harvest season. We’ve received good praises from many who’ve both endured and enjoyed the many foods! Thank You!


Just a reminder, if you’re needing to complete your

2014 Veggie CSA Evaluation, Survey and Feedback

Just return it in whatever way’s easiest for you.


I’d like to thank the many people who ventured out and spent some time and energy chipping in with us to grow and harvest the foods. (It’s just so nice for us to have these visitors too). We had many hands making lighter work!


Due to illness and also school starting, I faced many a labor shortage. Many of you spent your time to help us still get ‘er done.


Also, such absolutely fantastic turn-out for our Garlic Harvest Party. Wow. Too cool. We really like that a lot! The food was so good, the company just wonderful, the dedication, the joy, the sharing of a common purpose, to get to know more of you better! The level of participation was awe-inspiring. I feel that this event need be ever more central to a more full CSA experience.


Thank you for your patience with road construction. Also with my occasional tardiness. I appreciate the many early and helping hands to unload the delivery van of CSA crates. That’s a really helpful thing.


Thank you to the many who committed to the Veggie CSA, to the Mushroom CSA, and to purchasing extras and additionals at the delivery sites. We are striving to provide ever more good foods for your health and enjoyment.


Thanks to the many of you who hung out some and visited with me at the delivery sites. This is truly a weekly high point for me. I also greatly appreciate the talk and sharing that happens as you all collect, “commiserate”, and communicate about your CSA foods. The food community builds in this way.


Thanks to the many who shared recipes. Yummy! And to the many who participated in our blog and/or facebook too. I’m planning on dedicating time this winter towards those internet sites, to make them more valuable for you (and me).


And thank you for all the words and signs of encouragement so generously given, again and again.


thank you!

thank you,


from Chris and the many others of the Swier Family Farm

2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Chris, Has Paul paid for our honey and how much do we owe you? Also if you have mushrooms left, we can buy mushrooms and garlic from you. Let me know. Thanks. Love Rachel


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