quickly peel garlic – super-fast!

just a couple quick pitches

our honey for sale

please complete your:

2014 Veggie CSA Evaluation, Survey and Feedback

and now to the garlic!

once upon many times I peeled plenty of garlic

peeled to the clove garlic

if you have the time, I highly recommend it.

then again, honestly, who has time to spare?

just cut to the chase, right?

the last few years I’ve been hearing rumors (some nastier than others) about shaking garlic… shaking it so crazy that the skins came off…

well I, of course, never tried it.

This year Kate got the honor of mincing the garlic for us.

She’s done about 5 pounds worth, has another 8 or so to go.

But who’s counting?

well, she decided to test out the many rumors we’ve been hearing… she shook the living day lights out of it (actually, she said it wasn’t that much shaking, really). And, yes, the skins came right off.

So, I decided that the next time I was on the internet I’d track down and send along the real deal rumor mill….

one thing first, though,


given that we grow a hardneck garlic, and that there is a very strong central stem, please use Martha’s Technique to separate the cloves from the heads.

I just cannot recommend that you smash your hand straight down onto the

garlic head. I’m afraid you’ll pierce your hand terribly.

other than that, check out:

Peel a Head of Garlic in Less than 10 Seconds with Two Bowls

Just remember, I cannot recommend that you smash your hand straight down onto the garlic head. I’m afraid you’ll pierce your hand terribly.Use Martha’s Technique of crushing the head into cloves with bowls too.

peeled garlic cloves

To Mince Your Garlic:

We spend some time and make a big batch of minced garlic all at once. (The only forewarning about this technique : you will find that you and your family eat more garlic than ever, because it’s so easy to use!)

Minced Garlic:

Peel the individual garlic cloves. Add cloves and begin grinding in your food processor. Watch closely, add only enough olive oil to allow the slurry to grind. Scoop the garlic out into small glass canning jars. Fill them up good and high. Top off with another little pour of olive oil. Screw on the caps. Place one jar in the fridge, for use. All others, freeze until the jar in the fridge is gone and you need more. (Frozen, the garlic has kept well, well over one year.) Take out one jar at a time.

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