Web-work & lactofermented radishes

One thing I intend to accomplish this winter: spiff up the website/blog, and the facebook site… I’ve received a few generous offers to help me approach this re-vamp. I currently reside (happily) pretty much on the far side of the digital divide. They’re gonna attempt to pull me more into the 21st.


I’d be super glad to receive any of your pointers on how to make all this digital-virtual-electronica more user friendly for you… just let me know.


As part of this process I’m surfing around looking at many other web presences, seeing what’s out there. Needless to say there’s tremendous variety and great creativity. There’s no one template (of course). A lot of people are doing a lot of different things on the web.


Here’s an example of one I really like…plus it entails a neat little recipe that looks well worth remembering. Many of our Mt. Pleasant CSA old-timers remember Lee and Laurie and Eaters’ Guild.


We’re always looking to beef up our recipe page, and would be glad to list any recipes you’ve got too. Thanks!


This is from Eaters’ Guild Farm down in Bangor, MI.

check this recipe out on their blog


fermented radishes 6-10-14-3fermented radishes 6-10-14-2

Radishes are one of those quick and abundant little veggies. One of the first items we receive in the CSA share, they are beautiful, spicy and nutritious. This is a way to enjoy radishes with an extra boost of vitamin content by introducing a pro-biotic process…. and the coolest part about this recipe is how easy it is!


1 bunch radishes

1 teaspoon salt

1 cup filtered water


wash and slice radishes, place into a 8oz jar.

In a separate jar mix 8oz filtered water with salt. Pour the brine mixture over the radishes leaving a centimeter of space below top of the jar. Place a lid on and let sit at room temperature for 3 days. After 3 days refrigerate. Enjoy on salads or as a side with cheese and fruit.

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