CSA Sign-Up’s Now (honeybees, insects, native pollinators too!)

Sign-Up Now for the Good Food!

For Our Vegetable Brochure: 2015VeggieCSABrochurepdf

For Our Mushroom Flyer: 2015MushroomCSAFlyerpdf

To contribute to our scholarship share (Thank You!)

Looking through the Fedco Seeds Catalog, came across a few things


movie star efforts

and educational: Fedco wrote and/or shared a good bit about honey bees, insects, and native pollinators. In just a few short paragraphs, they explained so much. We’re providing a “safe haven”, through encouragement and active management on our farm.

Bayer and the Bees, part 1

Bayer & the bees, Part 2

Many of you know of E.O. Wilson’s work. Truly fascinating, and much more than bothersome “bugs”:

E.O. Wilson

and about native pollinators

native pollinators

and just a great little poem from Antonio Machado:

Last night as I was dreaming (honey)

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