Wet feet & Lost plastic, oh my.

I’ve been cutting a lot of dead and standing ash, on our property and elsewhere. My most memorable experience, this season, being when I broke through the ice, dropped into the muck up to my knees, and lost one boot! It took two of us yanking on that boot to finally break it free from the holds of the muck! Needless to say, the cold sank in and the day got cut short (I was cutting at a friend’s. I had no extra boots along. His feet are 1.5 sizes smaller than mine. The day got done.)

firewood march 2015

Last week we “lost” the plastic covering on our germination hoophouse. The best explanation is that it shredded or shattered. It did look like a giant cat had sharpened her nails on it, leaving long tatters of plastic.

Fortunately, this being our germination hoophouse, it is currently empty. But I need to be working in it within two weeks (ouch). Realistically, thank goodness this did not happen four weeks later! It would’ve been full of plants, full of work!

The very next morning I ordered new plastic. I am working on getting the mess cleaned up, getting the hoophouse as ready as I can. The new materials should be in next week. I’ll have about a day of prep work with the new materials in hand. Then we will wait for a nice calm day, with good sunshine, the best temp’s we can expect for this time of year, gather some helping hands and try to stretch that plastic snug. Presto as best we can. Nothing’s made easier, nor faster in this type of weather, of course.

Quite a number of other produce growers have very generously offered to help get it re-covered. Also, one has offered to start some seeds for us! This would allow us to take our time re-covering this germination hoophouse, to get it “right” (not rushed). We have really felt a wonderful outpouring of concern and offers of help with this “accident”. What a community!

"lost" plastic on our germination hoophouse

"lost" plastic on our germination hoophouse - March 2015

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