Now’s the time to grow some veggies! (now’s your time to buy some veggies!)

just yesterday we went from this

"lost" plastic, germination hoophouse March 2015

to this!

new plastic, germination hoophouse March 2015

Back in early March we lost the plastic off our germination hoophouse.

Needless to say it’s taken serious time to get it all sorted out (read: remove the trashed plastic, clear the snow, encourage/wait for the soil to defrost (the mild, sunny weather of March really, really helped with this!), re-excavate and reconfigure the drainage, touch it all up, replace broken this and that’s).

And then yesterday the weather seemed suitable. (Whereas much of the rest of the week does not!) I made some quick calls to 10 folks, got 7 to come! I am ever so thankful, especially on such spontaneous notice, for all the help. Seven people dropped their own day, came and lent hands for a few hours. I want to thank Nathan, Ned, Graci, Anthony, Chuck, Mike, and my Dad, Gary. (And the many others who would’ve come if it weren’t for their prior work commitments). Thank you.

As untimely as this accidental loss of plastic was, and as inconvenient as this time of year can be to tackle such a project, we really feel greatly encouraged and bolstered by the outpouring of concern and the many offers to help.

I would like to say a very big thanks to Chuck and Louise. They have started some seeds for us, in their words, “because we don’t want to see you fall behind already!”

We have really felt a wonderful outpouring of concern and offers of help with this “accident”. What a community!

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We’re delivering to Big Rapids!

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