Farm Help Wanted for the 2015 Growing Season



We are in the process of recruiting farm help for 2015. Please do  pass this on to your “people” and keep this opportunity in mind for the right candidate. (Maybe the right candidate is YOU!) We are casting the search web as far and wide as possible!

~Chris Swier, Swier Family Farm, tel#989-382-5436


Farm Help Wanted For the 2015 Growing Season

(there is much flexibility in much of this, as long as we all meet our needs)

approximately 24 hours per week

Tuesday, Thursday, Plus One More Day: 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

pay negotiable, farm food bonuses

Position Description: (May through September) Assistance with greenhouse seeding and plant care, transplanting, cultivation, irrigation, foliar feeding, tomato trellising, hoophouse crops, and more. All aspects of harvesting diverse crops, by hand and back, and preparation  of CSA shares.

Position Requirements:  Non-smoker. All-weather, outdoor, physical work experience preferred. Strong physical and emotional stamina. Ability to lift 50 lbs., again and again, throughout the day. Passion for, and willingness to plunge into, every effort of small, family-scaled, hands-knees-and-back growing of food for sale.

I thought that a short narrative and some photos might help illuminate what you might be getting into. May tends toward greenhouse work and transplanting out. Greenhouse work includes: seeding, watering, and jumping-up of starts; preparation of soil mixes; foliar feeding of young starts. We transplant out to the field by hand, on hands-and-knees. We immediately place irrigation drip tape (in case water is needed in the next few days, it’s there already!). June continues with transplanting out. Weeding starts! We weed with hand tools, by hand, and with tractor cultivation – just depends on which crop, which garden, how bad the weeds are. Harvests start (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Harvest days are quite structured and routine; nice, actually! Pictures and descriptions below. July we continue with garden and crop maintenance, harvests, and transplant out fall oriented crops. August: harvests, irrigation, weeding. September similar.


All inquiries are welcome!

Here’s a little photo narrative as well:

sorting of harvested crops, including flowers, and dividing amongst CSA share crates

Picture 007

washing, cooling of crops on harvest days – you’ll be wet!

Washing harvested vegetables and greens

sorting and bunching of harvested greens

Ryan, Chris and Ben bagging produce on a harvest day

hands-n-knees weeding, pretty similar to hands-n-knees planting and harvesting too

sometimes hands-n-knees

these are crates of food we just finished harvesting from field, towed in on a trailer, ready to prep for CSA shares

crates harvested from field - late June 2012

this is what we need by 4:15 on harvest days

csa crate in july

I will also need help with maintenance and harvesting of mushrooms

shiitake on log July 14 2012

2 thoughts on “Farm Help Wanted for the 2015 Growing Season

  1. Hi Chris and Kate. My name is John Singer. My cousin Mike Vrbensky sent me the link to your web page and told me about your farm. I have lived in Costa Rica for the past 3 years and 4 months and will be returning to the Barryton area on May 1st to spend the summer with my family. I am interested in doing part time work at your farm. The hours that you posted will work well for me. Please contact me at my e-mail address if you are interested in hiring me for the season. Thank you for your consideration, John

    • hello John,

      Only now am I receiving your email, I apologize. I’m on the internet only rarely and somewhat randomly. Sometimes I may be online three times in one week, other times just once in three weeks. A few weeks back we hired a person to fill that advertised position. Occasionally we do need extra or fill-in help now and again. If you’d like me to keep you in mind for the occasional times, give us a call 989-382-5436. thank you, Chris Swier

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