Update: April 21, 2015







thank you to the many early CSA sign-ups, amongst many other things, you helped us get the  annual

thank you for helping pay the tractor payment!

we do still have room in our CSA for you, see the links at the bottom of this post for veggies and mushrooms

one of Ila’s friends came over and they picked very baby carrots (yummy!)

earliest carrots in 2015!

our salad mix has been delicious and so welcome: fresh produce!

earliest salad mix in 2015

amongst other things, been working on stripping the bark off cedar posts for the deer fence going up this Spring

cedar posts for deer fence

and seeding another 13 varieties of tomatoes too

13 varieties of tomatoes in 2015


We’re delivering to Big Rapids!

 To pay by MI SNAP, EBT Card

To contribute to our scholarship share (Thank You!)

For Our Vegetable Brochure, click:


For Our Mushroom Flyer, click:


For our deadline to sign up/pay

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