dandelions blooming!

4/29/2015 dandelion's blooming!

One sign or signal or symptom of weather growing warmer is the blooming of dandelions.

One rule of thumb, “Plant potatoes when you see the dandelions bloom.”

A second, “Split your bee hives when you see the dandelions bloom.”

Noticing the dandelions blooming is like a canary in the coal mine, but in a good way!

The days are longer, the sun’s rays more intense, the nectar’s flowing, pollen’s out, the soil warms… The dandelions blooming signal some of this happening.

4/29/2015 dandelion's bloom!

I’ve kept a rough log of dandelions blooming through the year. Rough because it depends greatly on my Noticing! Some dandelions bloom sooner than others, maybe site or exposure dependent…. Then a more general, widespread blooming occurs elsewhere. So what did I notice when?

Here’s part of my log… I’ve still not found the date for 2013… oh well…

4/28/09 dandelions bloomed

4/13/10 dandelions bloomed

5/01/11 dandelions bloomed

4/5/12 dandelions bloomed

5/3/2014 dandelions bloomed

4/29/2015 dandelions bloomed

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