Tony Guizar!

Tony, inoculating shiitake 2015

Tony’s our new right hand man. You might have seen him around CMU. Or the Student Environmental Alliance. Or the Isabella Recycling Center. We hope you’ll come on out and see him around our farm this summer!

He’s been a very welcome addition to our farm. We are super pleased to be working with him.

(He took these photos!)

squash emerging May 2015 swiss chard May 2015

red cabbage transplant, 2015 transplants in germ hoophouse 2015

new deer fencing spring 2015 bee hive spring 2014

 cabbage and lettuce transplants 2015 Lucky is so lucky

czech blzck hot pepper, transplant, May 2015

We’re delivering to Big Rapids!

 To pay by MI SNAP, EBT Card

To contribute to our scholarship share (Thank You!)

For Our Vegetable Brochure, click:


For Our Mushroom Flyer, click:


For our deadline to sign up/pay

To see some May Farm Photos

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