How do I pick up my food??


I know, I know, all you new folks to our CSA are wondering:

what have I gotten into?

how do I pick up my food?

If you have any lingering questions or concerns, call us on the phone (t#989-382-5436)

First, know your pick-up site!

Be there sometime between 4:45-6:00pm.

Look for this:

a silver van, or else a small silver pick up full of food and sometimes flowers!

crates/flowers in van, ready for delivery to you!

or look for these, stacks of black crates full of food

csa crate in july

then look for your crate with your name on it

an example, "your crate with your name", actually, Andrew's crate with Andrew's name

do not take the one that does not have Your food in it

keeping your crates safe

you can enjoy the bounty of the Share Crate, it’s usually, though not always, Orange. You can take food from it, or leave food in it. It’s all for Sharing!

share crate Aug 2014

For Us and for You, in the end, it is easiest if you

Bag Your Food

You do not have to. But if you do not, you must bring your empty crate back to me the very next week. I’ll then give you another crate with your name on it full of your food! Voila! We just have to be sure to trade week in and week out.

thank you!

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