Garlic Scapes : usage & recipes


What do I do with these curly things?

The long, green, curly “things” are garlic scapes. More or less, they are the true flower/seed stem of our hardneck garlic varieties. The bulb and its cloves are under ground, the scape is above. We snap the garlic scape from the plant, “forcing” the energies to devote to the bulbs and cloves. You can eat the scape – and it’s good. It’s a very mellow, delicate garlic flavor. Subtle. Smells more garlicky than tastes. The white droplets are its oil,which is potent, yes!

Treat them, eat them like you would a green onion. Eat them raw, chopped fine, mixed in with this week’s lettuce. It’s a really nice touch to a fresh, green salad. Really mild.

Chop them and include them in anything you’d like onion or garlic. To taste. Always to taste.

Roast them. Or stir fry them. Soooo good. Really almost green-bean-esque. Nice and done, crispy is yummy. We eat them this way by themselves. (Throw them on a baking sheet, lightly oiled. Push the scapes around so they become lightly coated with the oil too. Broil. Watch ’em closely. Stir them around, flip them, etc, often to get them all nicely roasted. Sooooo good!)

or, Garlic Scape Pesto


or, Creamy Garlic Scape Dip!

You’ll receive scapes in your crate four maybe five, could be six weeks straight!

If they ever pile up in your fridge, don’t worry, they keep approximately forever in a bag in your produce drawer; and if necessary you can swallow them up into this great recipe.

We’ll harvest and then cure the garlic heads for a few weeks. After being properly cured you’ll be receiving garlic heads in mid to late August!


garlic scapes on the plant yet, in the field

garlic scapes in field June 21 2013

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